About ten years ago I hit the internet in search of like-minded people still blown away that “W” had “won” FL, and therefore the 2000 election. I had serious doubts about those results, Search results were few by today’s standards. I eventually landed at a place called Democratic Underground. After reading a few posts, I thought I’d found my web home. And for almost ten years, it was.

And while I had found a place where my disdain for Bush garnered me an open-arms welcome, I would soon begin to find that all was not what it seemed.

Over the coming weeks and months I will detail my initial infatuation with DemocraticUnderground.com and my 10 year long realization that I had associated myself with some of the most unpatriotic, blame America first, criminal loving, self-centered whiners on the internet.

And, since I am still an active member, I’ll provide a running commentary, with examples of and links to the madness of DU.

On inauguration day, 2013, I will out myself here and on DU. It will be a sight to behold, believe me.

In the meantime, thank you for finding my blog, I hope you have fun. Feel free to comment at will. I look forward to the interaction.

Until next time,  this is Undercover DUer, wishing you well.


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